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2022 NASS Executive Committee:

Kimberly S. Engels, NASS President 


Kiki Berk, NASS Co-President

Damon Boria, NASS Past-President


T Storm Heter, NASS Executive Board Member

Elizabeth Butterfield, NASS Executive Board Member

Eddie O’Byrn, Member at Large 



Other Societies:

The NASS is interested in maintaining connections with other societies around the world.  If you would like to share the contact information for your group on this page, we invite you to send an email to

Groupe d’études sartriennes: Secrétaires GES, Florence Caeymaex (philosophie) and Alexis Chabot (littérature), &

Sartre Gesellschaft:

UK Sartre Society:  ______________________​

International Simone de Beauvoir Society  _______________________

Diverse Lineages of Existentialism  ______________________



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